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Worgen Greaser Expansión de Mafias de Gadgetzan Worgen Greaser
  • Type: Minion
  • Class: Neutral
  • Rarity: Common
  • Cost: 4
  • Attack/Health: 6 3
  • Set: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Artist: Alex Alexandrov
"Hair products are 79% of his monthly budget."
Worgen Infiltrator Worgen Infiltrator
"If you want to stop a worgen from infiltrating, just yell, "No! Bad boy!""
Wrath Wrath
Choose One - Deal 3 damage to a minion; or 1 damage and draw a card.
"The talk around the Ratchet Inn is that this card is too good and should be a Legendary."
Wrathguard Expansión TGT Wrathguard
Whenever this minion takes damage, also deal that amount to your hero.
"After playing against 5 Annoy-O-Trons, any normal guard will become a Wrathguard."
Wrathion Expansión de Mafias de Gadgetzan Wrathion
Taunt. Battlecry: Draw cards until you draw one that isn't a Dragon.
"Wrathion, son of Deathwing, is a dragon. Why isn't he tagged as a dragon, you ask? WHAT, ARE YOU TRYING TO BLOW HIS COVER??"
Wretched Tiller Wretched Tiller
Whenever this minion attacks, deal 2 damage to the enemy hero.
"If you ever tried to plow permafrost, you’d be wretched, too."
Wyrmrest Agent Expansión TGT Wyrmrest Agent
Battlecry: If you're holding a Dragon, gain +1 Attack and Taunt.
  • Type: Minion
  • Class: Priest
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Cost: 2
  • Attack/Health: 1 4
  • Set: The Grand Tournament
  • Artist: Jeff Easley
"Keeping tabs on the Grand Tournament is priority #1 for the five mighty Dragonflights!"
Xaril, Poisoned Mind Expansión de los Susurros de Dioses Antiguos Xaril, Poisoned Mind
Battlecry and Deathrattle: Add a random Toxin card to your hand.
"It's basically your own fault if you go around drinking weird green potions handed out by creepy mantid dudes."
Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound Expansión de los Susurros de Dioses Antiguos Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound
At the end of your turn, put a minion from your deck into the battlefield.
"When he's working out, he binds all that rage back into a ponytail."
Yogg-Saron, Hope's End Expansión de los Susurros de Dioses Antiguos Yogg-Saron, Hope's End
Battlecry: Cast a random spell for each spell you've cast this game (targets chosen randomly).
"I spell your doom... Y-O-U-R D-O-O-M!"
Young Dragonhawk Young Dragonhawk
"They were the inspiration for the championship Taurenball team: The Dragonhawks."
Young Priestess Young Priestess
At the end of your turn, give another random friendly minion +1 Health.
"She can't wait to learn Power Word: Fortitude Rank 2."
Youthful Brewmaster Youthful Brewmaster
Battlecry: Return a friendly minion from the battlefield to your hand.
"His youthful enthusiasm doesn’t always equal excellence in his brews. Don’t drink the Mogu Stout!"
Ysera Ysera
At the end of your turn, add a Dream Card to your hand.
"Ysera rules the Emerald Dream. Which is some kind of green-mirror-version of the real world, or something?"
Zealous Initiate Expansión de los Susurros de Dioses Antiguos Zealous Initiate
Deathrattle: Give a random friendly minion +1/+1.
"Ok, Initiate. You need to settle down and do your job. In this case, that means die so someone else can get a minor buff."
Zombie Chow Expansión de Naxxramas Zombie Chow
Deathrattle: Restore 5 Health to the enemy hero.
"Zombie. It's what's for dinner."
Obtained: Unlocked in The Construct Quarter, in the Naxxramas adventure.
Gold: Crafting unlocked in The Construct Quarter, in the Naxxramas adventure.
Zoobot Expansión de Una noche en Karazhan Zoobot
Battlecry: Give a random friendly Beast, Dragon, and Murloc +1/+1.
"The Murloc is taking the picture."
Obtained: Unlocked in the Menagerie, in One Night in Karazhan.
Gold: Crafting unlocked in the Menagerie, in One Night in Karazhan.

Expansión Viaje a Un'Goro Base de datos actualizada a la versión de Hearthstone con la última expansión de Viaje a Un'Goro.

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