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cambio de idioma
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Upgrade! Upgrade!
If you have a weapon, give it +1/+1. Otherwise equip a 1/3 weapon.
"Easily worth 50 DKP."
Vanish Vanish
Return all minions to their owner's hand.
Obtained: Unlocked at Level 8.
Gold: Unlocked at Level 23.
Vaporize Vaporize
Secret: When a minion attacks your hero, destroy it.
"Rumor has it that Deathwing brought about the Cataclysm after losing a game to this card. We may never know the truth."
Velen's Chosen Expansión GvG Velen's Chosen
Give a minion +2/+4 and Spell Damage +1.
"Velen wrote a "Lovely Card" for Tyrande with a picture of the Deeprun Tram that said "I Choo-Choo-Choose you!""
Venomstrike Trap Venomstrike Trap
Secret: When one of your minions is attacked, summon a 2/3 Poisonous Cobra.
"Snakes on a frozen plain."
Volcanic Potion Expansión de Mafias de Gadgetzan Volcanic Potion
Deal 2 damage to all minions.
  • Type: Spell
  • Class: Mage
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Cost: 3
  • Set: Mean Streets of Gadgetzan
  • Artist: Konstantin Turovec
"The secret ingredient in Kazakus's award-winning chili recipe."
Volcano Expansión de Viaje a Un'Goro Volcano
Deal 15 damage randomly split among all minions. Overload: (2)
"Many young shaman summon a volcano as their first school project."
Webweave Webweave
Summon two 1/2 Poisonous Spiders.
"O, what a tangled web we weave, hoping spiders dodge the cleave."
Whirlwind Whirlwind
Deal 1 damage to ALL minions.
"The way to tell seasoned warriors from novice ones: the novices yell "wheeeee" while whirlwinding."
Obtained: Unlocked at Level 6.
Gold: Unlocked at Level 32.
Wild Growth Wild Growth
Gain an empty Mana Crystal.
"Grow your own mana crystals with this Mana Crystal Growth Kit, only 39.99!"
Obtained: Unlocked at Level 1.
Gold: Unlocked at Level 23.
Windfury Windfury
Give a minion Windfury.
"Windfury is like Earthfury and Firefury, but more light and airy."
Obtained: Unlocked at Level 1.
Gold: Unlocked at Level 23.
Wisps of the Old Gods Expansión de los Susurros de Dioses Antiguos Wisps of the Old Gods
Choose One - Summon seven 1/1 Wisps; or Give your minions +2/+2.
"They're just normal wisps, actually. The "Of the Old Gods" bit is just marketing."
Wrath Wrath
Choose One - Deal 3 damage to a minion; or 1 damage and draw a card.
"The talk around the Ratchet Inn is that this card is too good and should be a Legendary."

Expansión Viaje a Un'Goro Base de datos actualizada a la versión de Hearthstone con la última expansión de Viaje a Un'Goro.

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